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#FashionatingNews- Dodo Bar Or's Runway Show-

Dodo Bar Or, one of the most appreciated and loved designers in Israel, presented her new collection at the Beauty City fair by Super Pharm recently.

Dodo's original pieces are greatly inspired by the Middle East. She is especially known for her unique galabias and for the Kafiya patterns which become part of her signature style.

In her new runway show it appears that Dodo continues to explore the Arab culture and has gotten all the way to Yemen!

The ones who were lucky enough to be invited to the show enjoyed an Arabian night style event.

On the runway, old images and videos of Yemen were screened as a background, local Mizrachi singer Zehava Ben performed live while the garments were being presented on the runway.

In this collection Dodo used old Yemenite techniques like the ancient Yemenite craft of silversmith and embroidery to decorate her garments.

Back in the old days in Yemen many people in the Jewish community were silversmiths. Since back then people were moving from one place to another in the desert, they had their fortunes sewn to their clothes- that was the best way to protect it, by carrying it on them at all times.

It is great to see that Dodo brought back Yemenite fashion, and once again, took inspiration from one culture and made it relevant in another.

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