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 Israeli Fashion Lectures

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Join Liraz Cohen- Mordechai (Liri) in an interactive presentation full of glam, videos and periodic Israeli signature items to unveil the amazing world of Israeli Fashion.

The lectures focus on the effects of Israeli cultural, social, and economic factors on the evolution of Israeli Fashion. They are interactive, meaningful and educational at the same time!

"Liraz is one of a kind! Her lecture is extremely interesting and full of knowledge."

"Liraz is one of the most dynamic speakers I have ever heard."

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The History of Israeli Fashion

The presentation tells the story of Israel from the late 19th century until today. Every milestone in Israel's story is presented in two "layers": history and fashion. During the session we discover how significant events have influenced the creation of a new "Israeli outfit" time and time again.



 -  The way immigration influenced Israeli fashion in Israel's first days

 -  Wars' effects on the Israeli outfit

 -  Feminism and equality in the Kibbutz and its impact on clothes

 -  Tel- Aviv Fashion Week- We are on the map!

 -  Israeli fashion and Technology- Recent fash& tech startups

 -  What's next for the Israeli fashion scene?


The Jewish Wardrobe -From Separation to Unity

This presentation will focus on the clothes worn by Jews around the world in the days before the establishment of Israel. Clothes at that time were both determined by Jewish precepts such as laws regarding modesty and by ruling authorities in their local community. We will compare clothes from different regions and in specific we will focus on the customs that are part of the circle of life: birth, Bar/ Bat Mitzva, wedding day and death


If Moses and Greta Would have Meet- Sustainability & Fashion in Judaism and in Israel Today 

 Behind the magic and the glam of the fashion world stands the second most polluting industry. Activist such as Greta Tunberg are calling for a change in consumption and change in company’s business model, but what does that to do with Judaism? This presentation will overview the strong connection between Judaism and the environment and the way both Jewish laws and Israeli current initiatives and innovations use creativity to find solutions that will benefit people and the planet


 Jerusalem Holy Fashion

 In this presentation we will explore the connection between Israeli fashion and Jerusalem, we will learn about the role the city plays in the creative process of Israeli designers and the various ways they ‘use’ Jerusalem’s symbols to convey different messages through the years. We will also talk about the connection between spirituality and fashion.


Politics, Religion and Fashion in Israel

In this presentation, we will learn about the fragile relationship between politics, religion, and fashion in Israel society.

When it comes to fashion we often tend to think about the “unwritten laws” that guide us in what we think we should wear, but in fact, there are also written laws that do the exact same thing. This presentation will focus on the written laws in Israel and through them, we will reveal new and exciting angles to understand Israeli culture and people.



- Fashion restrictions vs. Religious restrictions

- Fashion as a tool to divide and unify streams in Judaism

- “Fashion police” and laws regarding dress code in Israel 

- Minorities in Israel and their influence on the definition of Israeli fashion, including: Bedouin, Arab Israelis, Ethiopian, etc.


​Fashion and Technology in Israel

In this presentation, we will learn how technology has improved Israeli fashion and what's next for the startups' Fash&Tech scene


- What makes Israel an innovator in Fashion

- The use of technology in the past

- Technology and Israeli designers

- The Fash&Tech scene in Israel- introduction to some of the most exciting startup companies

Mizrahi Heritage Month- Wearable Identities.png

Throughout history, fashion has greatly influenced the “fabric” of societies all over the world. What people wear often characterizes who they are what they do for a living and even more so, what kind of a society they live in.

As Mark Twain once wrote: “Clothes make the man. Naked people have little or no influence on society.”

Photo credit: @AKIVA Cleveland
Photo credit: Hillel International
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