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Hiking in STYLE

The hiking season has begun, and the Israeli comfort is now in style!


Everyone knows that the Israelis, more than they like anything, they like to be comfortable. You can't blame us, it is so hot in here!

For years, the Shoresh Sandals, or as you may know them, Source Outdoor sandals, were well known sandals for the Israelis who liked to be extra comfortable. You know, the one with the Velcro.

Starting in the early 90th, the company is producing sandals for everyone who wants to hike, but without having to wear heavy hiking boots. Shoresh were perfect, grabbing your feet's and ankles, allowing you to hike without being uncomfortable and without risking anything.

How can you tell who is Israeli while traveling abroad???Just look at their feet's!

If they are wearing Shoresh, they are probably Israelis. Of course, some of us, took it to the next level and start wearing it all the time, hiking or not! Suddenly, hiking sandals become legitimate to wear even to the office, with jeans! It is mostly common in the more rural areas of Israel like the Kibbutzim and small towns in the north and south of Israel.

Shoresh is not the only company that producing similar sandals. In the US, you have Teva (Nature in Hebrew). Fun fact: the founder of Teva spend some time in the Kibbutz in Israel and was inspired to create these kinds of shoes! So, in a way, the two companies are Israelis!

Oddly enough, in the past few months not only Teva and Source producing Velcro sandals, but fashion houses you would never imagine that will ever have anything like this in their collection. Prada, Versace and American Vintage for example.

This trend makes us think, does everyone now understand what we know all along? that you look the best when you are comfortable? Or this is another kind of statement? What do you think?

BTW, we of course have Shoresh sandals, and we LOVE them! #FashionatingTrend #FashionatingIsrael #FashionatingbyLiri #IsraeliFashion

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