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Tel- Aviv Fashion Week 2019

For the first time, we have decided to take groups and have unveiled the Fashion week world in a VIP Fashion Week Tour.

This year was a very successful first so keep your eyes open for next year’s TLV Fashion week tour!

And for those who missed out, this article is for you!

Let's start with some history... The historic Tel-Aviv Fashion Week-

You might be surprised, but the first few TLV Fashion Weeks were wonderfully organized and sponsored by the British Mandate government, they took place here in Israel between 1941-1946, the days before the establishment of the state. For these special occasions, catalogs were printed, beautifully designed invitations were sent out, hundreds of buyers came to see the various collections of the local fashion industry closely, and they made orders, of course.

These fashion weeks were held twice a year - at the initiative of the Institute for Foreign Trade and with the assistance of the British Mandate government - in January for the spring-summer season, and in June for autumn-winter. Each of the fashion weeks produced a detailed catalog in English and designed invitation cards were issued.

After Israel was established the Fashion industry continued to develop, in the 1960's-70's the industry could be compared to what Israeli high-tech is today. The government understood the economic potential and supported the local textile industry.

Gradually the splendor and majesty surrounding the textile industry began to deteriorate. In the 1980's and 1990's, the fast fashion revolution and the outsourcing began to take place and migrated to China and India and the industry began to slowly deteriorate. Fashion week closed for many years to follow.

The present of Tel-Aviv Fashion Week-

In 2014, the legendary Motty Reif, the owner of his self-titled production company and a fashion enthusiast, raised the glove and the Israeli fashion week was reopened! Hurray!

This year, Fashion week happened for the 6th time, it took place in TLV Port at Hangar 11 venue, right by the water.

We were invited to a few of the shows including: Bamoss Square (Menswear), Maskit and Shahar Avnet. All of them had amazing shows and were featured in the latest Vogue USA issue!

One show we attended was especially exciting- we took a group of beautiful ladies with us to explore and learn about TLV Fashion week on a VIP Fashion Week Tour- we started the tour with Champagne, visited the official Showroom, met a few designers and heard about their new collections and met one of the women in charge of TLV Fashion week’s production- The amazing Moody Roza.

The high light of the tour was entering Lara Rosonovsky’s Fashion show! We ended the tour with each participant receiving a gift pack which included a designer scarf and fashion drawing.

We can’t wait until next year fashion week!

What does the future hold for Tel-Aviv Fashion week?

It is not a secret that creating this production of Tel- Aviv Fashion Week is an almost impossible mission that Motty Reif somehow manages to pull off year after year.

Without an ongoing official support and without bringing real influencers (bloggers and journalists) and buyers to Israel there will be no point to keep this production as is.

Everyone who loves fashion and interested in keeping the industry alive in Israel should support Israeli designers, buy Israeli fashion and spread the word of our talented creative designers.

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