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Cool second hand places in Tel- Aviv

Forget new, buy used!

We know how polluting and detrimental the fashion industry can be to the environment, but have you ever thought of a way of helping it change? What about shopping used instead of new?

Thinking about that, we prepared a list for you with 3 of the best second hand shops in Tel Aviv!

Second hand or vintage shopping is a way of buying pieces for a fair price and re-using something that has already been produced. It’s a way of reducing waste, of slowing down fast fashion consumption, and valuing vintage pieces! It is also a more eco-friendly way of buying.

Trust us, you would be surprised by the things you can find in these shops!!

1- Buy Kilo - @buykilo

A store of second-hand clothing for women and men, sold by weight. Yes! You choose the pieces you want and weigh it to see how much it costs. Prices go from NIS 100-400.

At the store, you can find a wide range of brands


2- Flashback - @flashbackvintagestore

“A surprisingly organized secondhand store on the outskirts of Dizengoff” is the largest second-hand store in Israel. They are known for having unique pieces and for being great for finding what you want, since the items are separated on hangers by category.

The accessories and clothes come from all over the world and date back to starting from the 50’s.

3- Outside Society @outside.society

If you love shopping for unique designer pieces, this is the store for you. Outside society has hand-selected vintage pieces like an original Gianni Versace vintage dress from the late 1980’s among many other amazing pieces.

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