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Fashionating's Mission

Fashionating by Liri was created for two main reasons:

1. To empower Israeli fashion designers, brands and companies.

2. To tell Israel's story through a new and unique perspective of Fashion.

Advocating for Israel has never been so beautiful!

Tel- Aviv Jaffa Fashion Tour

The Company

Fashionating by Liri Inc. is a social enterprise which was established by Liraz (Liri) Cohen Mordechai in 2016. The Company’s mission is to bring Israeli fashion to the first tier and empower Israeli fashion designers, brands, and companies while telling Israel's story through the new and unique perspective of fashion. 


In North America, Fashionating by Liri provides lectures about Israeli Fashion. The company offers customized educational lectures and runway shows (where members of the community are the models) about the history of Israeli fashion, focusing on the effects of cultural, social and economic factors on the evolution of Israeli fashion. To date Liri has spoken in over 200 organizations across North America.


Fashionating by Liri offers fashion tours in different neighborhoods all around Tel Aviv and Jerusalem. The company provides extended 4 day trips with Taglit- Birthright Israel touring all around Israel featuring workshops on dance, photography, painting, music, and theater.


During the summer of 2019 season, Fashionating by Liri lead 8 trips with over 200 participants from all over the world during the summer season.

Feel free to contact

Via Email:

Via Phone:

In The US:

+1 919-491-0152 ( WhatsApp only)

In Israel:

+972 50-886-5370

Israeli Fashion History lecture
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