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Tel- Aviv and Jerusalem Fashion Tours

Our Israeli fashion tour is really a journey into the exploration of Israeli identity, what it contains and how the collective Israeli identity has changed throughout the years.

By visiting local fashion and design brands and learning about Israeli fashion, you will learn about the history of Israel and get a glimpse into Israel's colorful and unique society.

During the tour we will meet old and new brands, designers who use ancient crafts and other professionals who use the best technology.


We will walk, talk and shop. And mainly- we will have a great time!

Tours are tailor- made in various areas of Tel- Aviv and Jerusalem

3 length options:

1. Short tour (1.5-2 hours)

2. Half a day tour (3-4 hours)

3. A full day tour



5 topics:

  • Tailor Made Fashion Tour-

  • A sampler fashion tour to get a wide variety of designers that are working in different fields. We can work around a schedule and customize the experience to their needs.


  • Fashion, Sustainability & Social Justice tour-

  • The tour will focus on brands who are doing good. They are helping the local community/ Eco- friendly/ sustainable. We will meet brands who are doing things differently. 


  • Fashion & Technology tour-

  • We will learn about the beginning of the Fashion industry in Israel: from the establishment of the Kibbutz and its style; up until today, with Israeli Retail&Tech startups and both fast fashion and Israeli designers.

Each brand brings its unique Israeli story and perspective of Israeli culture and each startup brings its own story of entrepreneurship and innovation.


  • Meet the Israeli Fashion industry-

  • A tour for professionals only- The tour will focus on understanding the business side of the industry, technology, and fashion and interesting business models who can be implemented to other industries as well. 


  • Celebrations and special events-

  • We love to host and celebrate in style! Birthdays, Family reunions or work related events are all great reasons to celebrate with a fashion tour! Will raise a toast, have fun and turn it into unforgettable experiences. 

Tel Aviv Fashion Tour
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