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Fashion Shows- Modeling Israel


"A great event that will bring your entire community together!"- David

"Celebrating 75 Years of Israeli Fashion: An Interactive Runway Show"

Join us for a special runway show featuring volunteer models from the community as they showcase the history of Israeli fashion through the decades.


From signature Israeli items of the past to the latest trends of today, this interactive event will take you on a journey through the country's fashion evolution.


But it's not just the models who will be participating - the audience will also have a chance to get in on the action. With music, videos, and live presentations on stage, this is a show that engages everyone in the room.

Don't miss this unique opportunity to celebrate the rich history and vibrant culture of Israeli fashion.

The Israeli Fashion Show with Liraz Cohen Mordechai-

A testimony 


"The Israeli Fashion Show with Liraz Cohen combined history and fashion into an interactive experience.

Each model represented a different era in Israeli fashion. For instance, I had the unique experience of modeling a 2016 camouflage outfit consisting of shorts and a polo. Prior, I was able to wear a full white suit with a top hat, reminiscent of the retro 30s. The trends reflected the times, and the times reflected the trends.

For spectators, Liraz gave an informative presentation that opened everyone's eyes to the vast world of fashion in Israel. The questions asked at the end of the show were inquisitive and intellectual. "Where can I purchase some of these outfits," was a common question asked. Some others were concerned about 'fast fashion' and the impacts on Israeli fashion. All in all, the audience was completely infatuated with the fashion and even more interested in the culture that underlies it.

For models, we were given the opportunity to get a small taste of history and truly take the role of our outfits. We were no longer URI students modeling clothing. We became symbols of a far more important fashion movement. I think we truly embodied the personas and characters Liraz was trying so hard to convey.

Overall, the fashion show was a success, due large in part by Liraz. She has an extensive background in the fashion management world, studying at FIT in New York City. She was an inspiration to work with, and this fashion show opened my eyes to the vast worlds of contemporary and past fashions in Israel."


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