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Liraz Cohen Mordechai (Liri):

Founder and CEO

Founder of Fashionating by Liri, a social enterprise with the mission to tell the story of Israel from a new perspective of fashion and to promote Israeli fashion designers and brands. 

The company offers customized educational lectures, tours, trips and special productions both in Israel and in North America focusing on the effects of cultural, social and economic factors on the evolution of Israeli fashion. To date, the company has inspired and educated thousands of participants from Jewish and Non- Jewish organizations.

Liri’s inspiration and passion for establishing Fashionating by Liri was born from her love and experience in two worlds: the fashion world where she was ZARA Israel’s Training and Development Department Manager and the world of Israel where she served as the first Israel Program Director at Duke University. Due to her achievements, she won AIPAC’s Alley of the Year Award (2014) and was nominated for Duke’s Star Advisor Award.


In 2016, Liri opened the NY- Israel Fash&Tech community. Today, aside from managing her company, she writes for Lady Globes on fashion related features.

Liri holds a Master’s in Global Fashion Management from FIT in NYC and a B.A in Psychology and Journalism from Hebrew University in Jerusalem.

Liri is passionate about identities and the freedom to explore them, inclusivity, sustainability, slow food and slow fashion and Israel. 

Our Team

Vered Jhul:

In 2014, she moved from Israel to Pittsburgh to be part of the Jewish Agency, Israel Fellow to Hillel Jewish University Center. She fell in love with education and the way she could truly impact someone—from the way he/she thinks about Israel or his/ her own story. She LOVED working with her students, engaging with young adults, and thought how as an educator she can empower them and help them find their way.


Oxana Abramov:

A travel & fashion blogger and writer with an uncatchy blog name- shoegaloxana= shoe-gal-oxana, a fashion journalism graduate. Musician, and a voice teacher, basically trying to live every single day to the fullest and travel as much as she can.


Loran Stern (Lori):

A plus size fashion blogger, model, and body positive activist. Her initial love of fashion sparked a real passion to learn the history and background of fashion. She realized that the fashion industry is all about one certain beauty ideal, and that frustrated her. She decided to open a fashion blog and be able to empower herself and others, to express acceptance and love.


Manu Gersztenkorn:

As a fashion designer, she sees the importance of telling her personal story through her clothes and jewelry. The most amazing thing about it is that she feels inspired by anything, even if it’s not related to fashion or art. That’s what keeps her creating and making new ideas and in doing so, making her dreams come true.


Rachel Saposh: 

A Retail and Consumer Behavior major with certificates in Business and Entrepreneurship from University of Wisconsin-Madison.Who had the opportunity to go to Milan Fashion Week while studying abroad in Italy.


Hailey Kleinstein:

A Marketing and Information Systems major from University of Illinois Urbana-Champaign. She has a passion for fashion and has even competed with a custom dress that she designed and made.

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