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Black Friday and Sustainability

I know many of you are celebrating Thanksgiving in a smaller version this year, but I hope you and your family are healthy and doing well regardless. I'm sending you all love from Israel, where I am currently at. In this edition I wanted to talk (or should I say, write) about the connection between Black Friday and Sustainability. Black Friday, and frankly this entire holiday season is all about SHOPPING. Brands encourage us to buy more, and the estimations are that the holiday period will drive over $51 billion in global sales (*data courtesy Klavio and Fashmash). For many retailers, participating in this all Black Friday festival, is absolutely cruical for their survival, mainly due to Covid. Another thing is that their customers (us) are waiting and expecting for discounts in the next few days, and how can they let us down? On the flip side, Black Friday has become an excuse for obsessive consumerism, we buy more than we need just for the sake of a discount. Sustainable brands and ones who claim they are promoting a more conscious and responsible consumption are in a big dilemma. What should they do?

2 main strategies sustainable brands use: 1. Ignore Black Friday alltogether: It can be either in keeping the same prices and give no discounts, or take it one step further and closing stores/ e- commerce channel for the day. AllBirds decided to raise (!) prices and focus on one message: "Break tradition not the planet" 2. Donate the money: Some brands have decided to donate whatever they earned from the sales on Black Friday to either their workers (by adding to their wage) or to a charity that shares the brands' values (Patagonia for example). What can we do as consumers this coming weekend? Mainly acknowledging the fact that just because something is on discount doesn't mean we need to buy it. It can be a great deal, but we will still choose not to buy it. Also- support small and local brands- this is a good tip for everyday of the year but specially for this season! Small brands also participating in this all shopping madness (they have no other choice) so the least we can do is support them! Buy local, it helps the designers, the economy and the planet. It is also (in most cases) a better quality and much more unique. Having said that, if you are interested in supporting ISRAELI FASHION DESIGNERS, I would love to send you a list of my favorite designers that you can explore on your free time. As you know, I'm always happy to support Israeli designers :)

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Mila B
Mila B
Sep 09, 2021

Nicee blog thanks for posting

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