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Israeli Pop-Up Shop in NYC!

Beged- a pop up shop- NYC

8 things you should know:

  1. Beged is an Israeli pop- up clothing and accessory store curated by Esther Levy Chehebar.

  2. Beged translates to garment in Hebrew

  3. The shop, which is located in Soho, will close on December 21st (hurry up!)

  4. 7 Israeli clothing brands are featured in the shop: Mews, Muslin Brothers, Maya Bash, Tali Kushnir, TRES, KimKa and Marei 1998.

  5. All of the chosen designers are female

  6. The shop is curated with flowers that match the various garments

  7. Besides a Menorah, you'll find, at the shop's entrance, a table full of goods from the holy land such as dried fruits

  8. If you really want to have the "Israeli experience" you can have a seat in one of the poufs, relax and play some Shesh Besh!

When: Now until December 20th

Where: 208 Bowery street, SOHO, NYC


It is always nice to meet people who share your passions in life. That is why, when I was tagged on a FB post about this young American woman who opened a pop up shop in Soho that carries only Israeli designers, I knew I must meet her. And I did.

I met Esther Levy Chehebar few days ago and we immediately clicked. We had so much in common that the interview felt more as a conversation with an old friend, I could sit there talking with her for hours, but I had a new baby waiting for me at home ;)

Levy Chehebar is a freelance writer and a former Editorial Assistant at the Man Repeller. She loves fashion and she loves Israel, and her two passions made her decide to take this initiative of creating a pop- up store fully dedicated to Israeli designers.

Here is a summary of our conversation:

What do you think makes Israeli fashion so special?

Each one of the designers is different from one another, and their aesthetics are different as well. A lot of the designers are influenced by the climate in Israel by that I mean not just the weather, but the political and religious climate as well. I love the oversize, "one size fit all" designs, and the way people of different ages and body types can wear the same outfit and it will look amazing on each one of them, but in a very different way.In general, you know a scene is thriving when you can see different expressions of it. In the shop, for instance, no two designers are alike.

Why not creating a pop- up shop for up and coming American designers? Why Israeli designers?

I didn't see Israeli designers represented here and I wanted to show their fashion to the American audience. I thought it would be fun and I could support the designers at the same time, I truly believe that these garments will speak to the people here.

How did you choose the designers for the pop-up?

First, I had a list of 15 designers that I had found during my visit in Passover earlier this year and others that I knew through social media. Since I needed to narrow down the list, I decided to try and bring designers that are completely different. I will say that with all of the designers I felt a connection on a personal level. For example, I met Gal Sheinfeld, the designer behind the brand Mews, in her own studio/ home. We were having coffee together and just talked, that's how it started. I didn’t begin with the intention of exclusively representing women designers. That kind of happened organically, but I’m not mad about it

What are you hoping to gain from this entrepreneurial experience?

There are men and women in Israel eager to express themselves, just like everyone else and I want people to learn something new that they will get to know new designers. Highlighting a positive light on Israel and its fashion industry are additional goals.

What’s next for you?/ What are your expectations from "Beged"?

This is a chance to test the water and see how it works. I would love to do it again!

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