Back to School Uniform

September 1st is right around the corner, first day of school here in Israel. Many of you are already back on campus, but, we all can't stop thinking about this very important question- What to Wear?!?! This September 1st post is all about school uniform- When, Where, Yes/ No? Everyone remembers their first day of school, the excitement, fears, will school be too difficult, will I have friends, do I fit in? We all know fashion is a powerful tool of communication, we express ourselves by what we are wearing. It's a way for us to say something about who we are. Now, what happens to this way of expression when we must wear uniform to school? School uniform in Israel transferred many times throughout the years and for different reasons. In the early days of Israel, most schools had very meticulous uniform. It was part of the new country's ideology of collectivism. Everyone wore the same colors- Khaki pants and shirts for the boys, light blue and white dresses for the girls. These colors reflect the image of new Israeli. People came to Israel from all around the world, speaking different languages, eating different food and wearing different cloths. Having uniforms, helped discipline the students, and created this image of the new Israeli. Later, in the 70's, uniform was still around in most schools but it was way less meticulous and much freer. It usually resulted in a buttoned down light blue shirt for boys AND for girls. The reason for this change was Yom Kippur war, people had enough of collectivism, and individualism values become popular. In schools, the students could choose their own pants (jeans most of the times) and accessories. Not to mention the similarities between boys and girls that express the evolution of the feminism movement. In the 90t's and early 2000, many schools didn't have any uniform, individualism has won. The students fought for their right to express themselves as individuals, and it worked!

Those who in favor of free outfit believe in its contribution to the empowerment and development of the individual. It allows the student to express their personality, uniqueness, and even develops their creativity. Most of all, when you feel comfortable, your self-confidence increases. Toward the end of the 2000 decay, the uniform came back! Most schools in Israel have some version of uniform today, mostly it means colorful T-shirt with the school symbol on it, paired with dark pants of your choice.