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Music and Fashion- That ‘90s Show!

Thoughts from Guns N' Roses concert in #TLV. It's not a secret that music festivals are THE place to express yourself with style and Fashion (did someone say #Coachella?). Over 60,000 people came to see Axl Rose and his friends in a big celebration of music, youth, and… the 90s… FASHION! We've all noticed the Chokers and the Belly Shirts.. But what happened on Hayarkon park last Saturday night was like going back to the 90s! Bandanas, Platform shoes, skulls, ripped jeans, band t-shirts… and of course, the master of it all: Mr. Rose and his unique style! What a great night it was... #FashionatingNews #FashionatingIsrael #FashionatingbyLiri #IsraeliFashion Want to get Fashionated, the 90s way? Check out these items from CASTRO you can get online! Extreme Ripped Jeans:…/Je…/Extreme-Ripped-Sarai-Jeans.html… Scent of Skin Tee:…/…/Scent-of-Skin-T-shirt-266611.html… Velvet Sneakers: Star Stud Belt:…/W…/Accessories/Stars-studs-belt.html Medallion Choker…/WOMEN/jewelry/Medallion-Choker.html

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