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Israeli Model is making it BIG TIME!

We don't have Urban Outfitters stores in Israel just yet (how much longer do we need to wait ?!?!) BUT it appears that the well-known all-American fashion company just love the Israeli beauty!

If you would visit the Urban Outfitters online shop you won't be able to miss the Beautiful Israeli model Dorit Revelis that starring on their current campaign.

It is not a first experience for the 16 years old model with international fashion companies, after modeling for Calvin Klein for their jeans campaign of spring/summer 2017.

This is also not a first timer for Urban with Israeli models, not too long ago they had the local models Stav Strashko and Sofia Mechetner visiting their campaigns.

Btw, the older fellas in the crowd might look at the gorgeous Dorit, and can't help but think she looks familiar. Well there is an amazing similarity between Dorit to Michaela Bercu מיכאלה ברקו.

Michaela is the first Israeli model that appear on the American Vogue cover, almost 30 years ago! Another fun fact, it was also Anna Wintourr’s, the notorious Vogue editor, first cover as an editor! And, it was the first time a model on the cover of Vogue is wearing jeans!

All this risk taking was obviously worth for Mrs. Wintour… 30 years later and she is still rocking... Well, we can't blame them, the exotic beauty does do the trick 😉

Thinking about it, maybe we shouldn't have Urban Outfitters In Israel, after all it is a great excuse to travel to NYC 🙂

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