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Eden Saadon- 3D printing pen

I've met Eden randomly. we both sat next to each other in Shenkar College of Engineering Design and Art's Runway Show. She was very knowledgeable and added her own insights regarding the garments presented, the work process and the designer's inspirations for the collection.

Little did I know that she herself is such an amazing and talented person! Eden who graduated from Shenkar in the Textile Department, has created for her final project a line of feminine lace undergarment items, all hand- made using 3D printing technique. When she sent me the pictures of her designs my jaw dropped. It was so gentle and soft yet so creative and well done. I especially liked the fact that Eden is connecting between two worlds- the one of ancient craft and of working with her bare hands and the technology world using 3D printing pen, 3Doodler.

Now she is in NYC busy than ever presenting her work and the technology she uses in various conferences and Meetup events.The next event that Eden is going to be part of NY Fashion Tech Week so if you are in NYC- you don't want to miss it!

When: September 17th- 20th

Where: Microsoft - FTWNY "Internet of Fashion" EXPONYC

How: Get your ticket here

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