FashTech Stage Tel-Aviv

#FashionatingNews Where Fashion and Technology meet- FashTech Stage Tel-Aviv

This past Tuesday over 650 key players from the Fashion, Technology and e-commerce industry from Israel and around the world came together for the first ever Fash&Tech conference that was organized by the amazing Yael Kochman and Alla Foht. Startups, investors, marketing and innovation managers, website developers, fashion designers, brand managers, stylists and senior decision makers all came together to discuss how fashion is being revolutionized – in the way it is designed, created, marketed and sold.

We had the chance to be among this incredible crowd and witness the newest most amazing Israeli startups in the fashion field. Here are just a few of what we saw:

Zeekit- From the air force to the fitting room. Can you imagine a world where you could try on every single item of your favorite brand without even getting into the fitting room?! Yael Vizel, founder of Zeekit served as an officer in the Israel Air Force, in her position she used a technology to map the topographic of the surface, mountains for example. After her army service and her academic studies at the Technion-Israel Institute of Technology, in 2013, she and her friends Alon Kristal and Nir Appleboim founded Zeekit in Tel Aviv. Sophisticated deep-image processing, she used first at her army service, enables Zeekit to map the topography of a shopper’s body. They created a revolutionary app and web platform that allows you to try on clothing virtually before purchasing online. Yes, all you need to do is to download the app, applaud a 2D photo of yourself and you will be able to see how different items will look on you! Online shopping has never been more fun and convenient!

Twine Marketing Solutions- A single thread of color Did you know that the fashion industry and specifically the thread dyeing system is among the most polluting systems in the world?! So many different startups are trying this days to help with that issue and promote sustainability, Twine Solutions is one of them. Twine is a technology startup developing a proprietary and revolutionary digital thread dyeing system, and a digital dye to match color application. Twine’s DST™ technology, enables thread dyeing on-demand a