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Israel's Plus Size Fashion Week

Israel's Plus Size Fashion Week is in few days and this is great! Why? 1. When you think about the size of the Israeli market (8 M people), it is very small in compare to other countries and the plus size market is even smaller. SO... many of the brands just prefer not to allocate store's space for a plus size department, it is not affordable for them, and others just think that sizes ends at 42-44. Plus Size Fashion Week empower designers to design in plus size sizes and brands to re- think their strategy once they see the demand for it. 2. Body Image- it is very hard to feel you don't "fit" to the "right" range of sizes. This event empower women in every size and shape to love their body, and even more so, to love themselves! 3. The designers in the Fashion Week are just so talented!

This amazing initiative is led by GALA'STYLE (in the picture) ! Few of the designers presenting: טליה TALIA Noma Tzila Michaeli

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