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Israeli Bridal Couture Runway Show

What did I say? Here it is! My open speech at the Israeli Bridal Couture Runway Show last week:

"In the land of milk and honey, camels and desert, the hot wind brings with it not only humidity but also a new definition for bridal couture. Today you’ll meet 12 amazing designers who are representing the magic within the bridal industry in Israel.

Magic, fantasy, beauty and true love are all elements of both the bridal couture and a fairy tale, and in a country like Israel many want to escape to such places. The fantasy is a segway to reality, therefore celebrated in full. We all want to live in a fairy tale, and for one day- our wedding day- we are the main character in the fairy tale, so we better be prepare with the right dress for it! So what is the right dress (or dresses)? In a country where the main activities takes place on the beach, and the average temperature in December is 68 degrees, layers and modesty are almost solely belongs to orthodox women. Skin, mainly a tan one, needs to be seen.

The bridal couture in Israel has developed its own unique voice. And it is a sexy and deep voice. Unlike other countries’ more conservative classy clean bridal gowns, Israel’s gowns are characterize with deep cleavages, details, lace, a play with transparency, combination of different styles and the quality of materials. There are not a lot of gala events or cocktail’s events in Israel, Red carpet is something you see on E channel but has nothing to do with the everyday Israeli who wear a pair of jeans to a celebration and flip flop for going out. Casual look is everything, Effortless look is everything.

Evening gowns almost have no use in our country, and the only time that a woman can legitimately look overdressed and yet cool is on her wedding day. That is the reason that most haute couture designers in Israel are bridal designer’s first, evening collection designers second. Recent years’ technology has made Israelis bridal couture to be known as a symbol of quality and chic through social media who contributed to spread the word and made it possible to overcome geographical distance. Today you can see their designs live, you may take selfies and use the hashtag #NYBWF

I invite you to get into the fairy tale and get ready to be amazed. Before will begin with the show, Please welcome Mr. Inon Elroy, Economic Minister to North America

And Enjoy the magic!"

*The beautiful event was created by Israel Economic Mission in NYC * I am wearing: wonderful Inbal Raviv * The 12 designers who participated: Shabi & Israel - Haute Couture Inbal Raviv Bridal Meital Zano - Haute couture wedding dresses רונלינה שמלות כלהVered Vaknin Bridal Simijan סימיזאן שמלות כלה וערב ADAM ZOHAR Solo Merav Birenzweig Bridal שלומית אזרד - Shlomit Azrad BERTA Chana Marelus * Pic credit: Shahar Azran

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