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The He(ART) of Israel-

Taglit- Birthright Plus Program

In partnership with Taglit, we offer the participants from all over the world a 4 Day Trip in Tel Aviv and the Negev.


Our trips happen on many different dates summer and winter seasons and itinerary includes: 

  • An Instagram & Photography workshop

  • Wine tasting & Painting session

  • Embroidery workshop with Bedouin women

  • A studio visit at the Israeli fashion designer who dresses Queen B

"Fashionating Israel was an amazing experience that gave me knowledge about a world & culture I didn't really know about."- Gabrielle


"It was interesting to see companies with different stories behind them and to compare them and the entire industry to the US." -David


“This was a fun afternoon and such an interactive one!” - Sonya

Taglit Plus The HeART of Israel

Participants' videos and final projects

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