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Politics Religion and Fashion in Israel

Join Liraz Cohen- Mordechai (Liri) in an interactive presentation full of glam, short videos and periodic Israeli signature items to unveil together the amazing world of Israeli fashion.


The one hour presentation is full of images, short videos and periodic Israeli signature items.



Presentation overview:

In this presentation, we will learn on the fragile relationship in the triangle of politics, religion and fashion in Israel society.

When it comes to fashion we often tend to think about the “unwritten laws” that guide us in what should we wear, but in fact, there are also written laws that do the exact same thing. This presentation will focus on the written laws in Israel and through them, we will reveal new and exciting angels to understand Israeli culture and people.



- Fashion restrictions vs. Religion Restrictions

- Fashion as a tool to divide and unify streams in Judaism

- “Fashion police” and laws regarding dress code in Israel 

- Minorities in Israel and their influence on the definition of Israeli fashion, including: Bedouin, Arab Israelis, Ethiopian, etc.



The presentation fits all crowds- Jewish and non- Jewish, young and adults at all ages, men and women and is being presented by an experience speaker in a fun and friendly approach.

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