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No, I told you, a family nest was being built. But when they began to sell, they realized what exactly needed to be built. At the time of design, no one was thinking about selling onlinecasinoluxembourg.

Did you try to calculate the estimate of the entire project or did it according to the “how it goes” principle?

With the estimated cost, everything turned out as in a typical IT project. There, programmers at the start say one amount of development, and in the final it comes out completely different. Here also: first they tell you that the entire construction will cost 5,000,000-6,000,000 rubles, and then you need a cool septic tank and an expensive boiler - drag another 1,000,000 rubles. What is a house without a bath?

Again look for 1,000,000 rubles. Forgot to take into account a couple of nuances - let's have more money. As a result, by the end of the construction, the estimate exactly exceeded 10,000,000 rubles.

Was the construction of the house also financed collectively? Someone kept a record of expenses, who invested and how much?

At the start, about 3,000,000 was invested by my father. Then he started having problems with the business, and I began to make money. During that period, my business began to bring tangible income, but at the same time, not enough to speed up and complete all the work in one season. Therefore, the construction was financed gradually and dragged on for more than one year.


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